Know your audience

Everyday, especially over recent days, I am reminded of the importance of taking the time to research so you know who your actual audience is, rather than thinking you know who they are and making assumptions. Assumptions like this can cost businesses a lot.

We live in an age where knowledge is readily available, literally at our fingertips. This can sometimes result in a situation where we have too much data (a.k.a data puking). In my opinion, having lots of data that is accurate is much better than having none, or even worse, making assumptions based on zero facts.

I was at a presentation very recently where the speaker did not engage the audience at all. In fact, her presentation went totally over the heads of her audience. What bothered me most was that she didn’t seem to notice the (lack of) reaction from the audience.

It is so easy to avoid situations like these.

All you have to do is ask the right questions, or know where to get the right information from. For example:

– If you’re doing a presentation, ask the organizers who the audience is
– If you’re wondering about who visits your website, check Google Analytics
– If you’re wondering who follows you on social media platforms, check their profiles

With this vital information, you can now strategically plan your presentation, marketing, and/or social media campaign based on facts, not fiction.

You can use this information to speak to your actual audience in a way that delights them, every time.