Build, measure, learn, repeat/refine?

No matter we do in our businesses, everything comes back to the same steps…To build, measure, learn and repeat.

Think about it.

You want to grow your business, so you create a strategy with deliverable tactics, you measure impact and you learn from the results i.e. what works for your audience and what doesn’t work. You then repeat the process.

You want to create a website. What do you do? You build it, you measure impact, reach etc, and you learn from the results. With that information, you refine the content, flow, structure or appearance of your website.

You want to grow your audience. Your first step is to build content that appeals to your audience. Then you measure the impact. Then learn from the result. You then repeat this process on different platforms.

You want to diversify your business. How can you achieve this in a lean way? You build partnerships with companies offering complementary services. You then measure the impact of this alliance on your business. You look at and learn from the results and ascertain whether they meet you initial objective. Then you repeat or refine the process as your business requires.

Can you think of any part of your business that these steps are not applicable to?