Everyone talks about the importance of Social Media and the benefits it can bring to businesses of all sizes.  This is completely true, but without an end-to-end process, many Social Media endeavours are in vain.
We take time to gain a full understanding of what your aspirations are for your Social Media presence.  From there, in consultation with you, and after gaining an understanding of what is realistic, we set strategic Key Performance Indicators so that success can be benchmarked and measured.

In addition, we undertake a Market Analysis where we compare the performance of your Social Media channels against those of your competitors.

Ultimately, we provide an end-to-end process which includes Content and Social Media Calendar creation, Delivery, Analysis and where necessary, Refinement.

Our Social Media process takes you through the following Key Steps:

1. Discovery meetings and conversations to understand what your needs, and the needs of your Business are
2. A complete understanding of what success looks like to you
3. A reconciliation of what is realistic to achieve, and what is aspirational
4. The creation of a plan which includes Audience Acquisition, Content Strategy and a Content Calendar
5. The curation and creation of content that is consistent with your Brand and messages, and is digestible in a way that appeals to your Target Audience
6. The Deployment of Content
7. An ongoing analysis of results, and plan refinement where necessary
8. A 360 degree evaluation of on and offline platform performance to gain a deeper understanding of who the Audience is on each platform and a reconciliation against the Target Audience and their contribution to the ROI
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